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AI Smart Search: Find People Quickly And Accurately

Simplifying Your Social Networking Experience

Social networking platforms should make it easy to find the right person without hours of scrolling through profiles. With so much information online, it’s easy to get lost in search results. What if you could get accurate results with minimal input and connect with the right person instantly? Elaxer’s AI smart search feature eliminates endless scrolling, saving you time and energy.

Smart Search

Accurate Search Results with AI

When searching for someone on existing social networking platforms, you often get a long list of profiles, requiring manual effort to filter through and often leading to dead ends. Elaxer’s smart search delivers precise results in seconds. For example, searching for “John” on other social networks might require manual filtering through numerous profiles. With Elaxer, minimal input yields the exact person you want to connect with instantly.

Optimized Business Search for Local Connections

Elaxer’s smart search works seamlessly for finding local businesses. You can search for and connect with businesses in the Elaxer community directly through in-app chat. This feature helps you discover hidden gems, compare prices, make purchases, and read reviews, enhancing your local shopping experience.

Unique Time-Based People Search

A standout feature of Elaxer’s smart search is the ability to search by time. This lets you find people you’ve encountered in the last three days by selecting the approximate time and matching locations, provided their privacy settings allow for searchability within that timeframe. This ensures a secure and confidential search experience, prioritizing user privacy while offering a valuable reconnection tool. If you meet someone interesting but forget to exchange contact details, Elaxer’s smart search ensures you can reconnect.

Experience the Future of Smart Search

Though still in development, Elaxer’s AI-based smart search is already proving to be a powerful tool for making fast, accurate connections. By delivering precise results, Elaxer simplifies the process of connecting with people and businesses. The unique time-based search feature ensures you never miss a chance to reconnect with interesting individuals.

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