Elaxer: Real Connections Made Easy. No Contacts Needed.

Connecting you with the people who matter most, without the need for their contact details, in a safe and secure environment. Fueling a new era of meaningful social interaction.

Redefining How We Connect

  • • Spot a familiar face at a cafe? Elaxer's Real-Time Nearby helps you connect instantly.
  • • Lost touch with a colleague? Simply add your workplace with My Locations.Connect with
    entire networks from schools, workplaces, or frequented places.
  • • Remember a name but not the details? Our Smart Search cuts through the noise, effortlessly finding people by name, location, interests, or recent encounters.
  • • Wants to exchange Hi/Hello with the person you can see with your eyes in markets/clubs/gym/streets etc in real time?
  • • Tired of online abuse/fake profiles/spam?

    Try Elaxer for free & find all of your friends without the need for any contact details, not even a name with strong privacy controls.
  • Realtime Nearby.

    The neighbour who you are tired of exchanging smiles with, that cute guy sitting right across in the coffee shop, or the girl you stumbled across that looks like an old friend, Elaxer connects you with all in an effortless way.Learn More

  • My Locations.

    Connect with all the people of your locations where you presently going or attend in past years like your college, school, work place or any other places you attend on regular basis without any contact details.Learn More

  • Smart Search.

    Find and connect with the people which you are not able to find over the internet. Smart search helps users to make valuable connections and providing user to do smart search which pick particular person just by their first name from thousand of similar name users.Learn More

Social Networking App Elaxer
  • Social Feed.

    Elaxer's news feed keeps you engaged and interested. A no-nonsence interface, with no fake- news, that is tailored to your selected interests and your connections offers unparalleled entertainment and adds to the user experience.Learn More.

  • Advanced Chat System.

    Elaxer’s advanced chat feature provides a secure and enjoyable way to connect with others online. With end-to-end encryption, limits on unwanted messages, a plethora of options for expressing yourself, and more, Elaxer is the perfect platform for all your chatting needs.Learn More.

  • Privacy.

    Users will have full control over their profiles and their data what they want to share & what they don't. Elaxer has effective privacy control, secured workspace for all. No more compromise with users privacy.Learn More

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A gift for you
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Elaxer will be available on all Android and iOS mobile devices. Register to become a part of Elaxer family also shares with your friends and family.

Make Most Valuable Friends
Of Your Lifetime With Elaxer

Your Information is completely safe at Elaxer.
We will never spam you or sell your Information to anyone,
At Elaxer we can assure our users a complete privacy zone.
Social Networking App Elaxer


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